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Newest updates June 30, 2023

The Danish summer weather has announced its arrival – Check the weather forecast and be well prepared before you go out and deliver. Remember that you can contact our dispatchers on the app when you are out on sessions. But if you need help when you are not on a session, our rider support is ready to help. You can find the contact information for both teams here on the rider hub in the menu.

In this newsletter you can read the latest updates within foodora both about the company and riders.


foodorians out as riders in Aarhus

What does it really mean to be a rider at foodora? What does it entail, and what should you remember to pay attention to? In order to get under the skin of a rider, a good handful of foodorians took to the roads on bicycles, scooters and in cars on 22 June in Aarhus.

Here, our marketing-, logistics-, strategy-, customer service-, finance and-, not least, people and culture departments tried to ride as riders for one evening.

Although the work as a rider may seem straightforward, it is important to pay attention to the details. Especially stacked orders, securing that the customer gets the right order and pressing continue after each step in the app is something you have to be aware of.

There is no doubt that all of us at foodora value the hard work and time that riders put in. Thank you so much for you!

To be a rider in car

I hard to remember to keep track of driving record, transport deductions and overall important things related to being a rider in car. However, do not worry!

We have collected various guides, as well as tips and tricks for riders who use their own car. You can read it all here.


Rider discount code for July

Remember that last month we increased the rider discount code to 10%, which you can use as often as you like when you are a rider. You will find the discount code via the foodora rider app under the section “Rider Support” and “Browse articles”.

Remember that the discount code must not be shared with friends or family, but only for your own use. The code will change from now on every month, so please be aware of this.

Zone expansion in Aalborg

On 3 July we go live with an expansion of the existing zone in Aalborg. You will already be able to see the expansion from today, when more customers will be able to get delivery from foodora’s platform. But on 3 July there will also be new restaurants on it, yay!

Here you can see how the existing zone expands:


Hi riders! We need your feedback on our equipment, no matter if you have it or not. When you have answered the survey, then you are automatically in the pool to win a foodora gift card. 

Well find two winners on 9/8-2023



If you have had an accident while on a session as a foodora rider, please answer this survey. One of our biggest focus points is to take the best possible care of you.


If you think there is something we are missing here on our rider hub, please answer this survey.

Remember to answer all surveys that are sent your way! It is your feedback that enables us to work on projects to improve your and other riders everyday life in foodora Denmark.

Please also include the positive aspects of being a rider, so we know that we dont have to make any changes to exactly what you are happy about.

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