June Updates 🌼

Newest updates May 31, 2023

The calendar says June 1, and that finally means that summer has arrived. Say goodbye to the jacket and put on the t-shirt, remember the sunscreen and the water bottle when you’re on a ride.


New McDonalds guidelines

On May 23, we went live with a new guideline on how riders must pick up orders at McDonald’s restaurants going forward. At foodora, we work closely with both riders and vendors with the aim of making everyday life easier. If you still haven’t read the guidelines then check it out here.

How should riders and Vendors collab/interact with each other?

We have listed a number of points about how you as a rider should interact with our vendors. We do this both to ensure good cooperation between both parties, but also to optimise the process as best as possible, just like with the McDonalds’ guide. Take a look at the different points, here.

The rider discount code!

We have raised the rider discount code to 10%, which you can use as often as you like when you are a rider. You will find the discount code via the foodora rider app under the section “Rider Support” and “Browse articles”.

Remember that the discount code must not be shared with friends or family, but only for your own personal use. The code changes from now on every month, so please be aware of this.


From 7 June and every Wednesday going forward in the period from 17:00 to 19:00, the office is open for all riders in Copenhagen to come by and get help from our rider agents.

What can they help with?

General questions about what it is like to be a foodora rider, e.g. the earning period, problems with the app, the batch system, the schedule, etc. If you are missing equipment or need to replace your old ones, they can help. If you need an extra t-shirt for summer, you will get it.

But do you have more specific questions for e.g. your salary, payslip or something else, you must still send an email to [email protected], as our rider agents can’t help with this.

Our rider agents are Noah and Kamran, and they are ready to help you! Read more about our rider agents and their location here.


If you have had an accident while on a session as a foodora rider, please answer this survey. One of our biggest focus points is to take the best possible care of you.


If you think there is something we are missing here on our rider hub, please answer this survey.

Remember to answer all survey’s that are sent your way! It is your feedback that enables us to work on projects to improve your and other riders’ everyday life in foodora Denmark.

Please also include the positive aspects of being a rider, so we know that we don’t have to make any changes to exactly what you are happy about.

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