Gear and deposit


As a foodora rider, you are not obliged to use foodora’s equipment. However, it is required that you use a thermal bag for the delivery of orders. The bag must meet the statutory guidelines laid down by the Danish Food Authority.



Have you chosen to receive foodora’s rider equipment, yes? It is a good idea to use the foodora equipment on each sessions, as it makes it easy for the restaurant to distinguish the different riders/couriers from each other, and thereby you can get the orders delivered faster.

We will send your foodora equipment to a parcel box near you, and you will receive an SMS and e-mail with details when you can collect it.

We deduct a deposit of DKK 500 for your equipment, which you get back when you stop being a foodora rider and have sent your equipment back.*

Your delivery bag

During your shift, you must ensure the following:

• Your bag must be taken into the restaurant when you pick up an order and also brought to the customer when the order is delivered, so the food stays warm

• It is a good idea to keep cold and hot food away from each other – divide your bag into sections

How to assemble the bag


foodora rider gear and hygiene

The best way to keep your foodora rider equipment looking good is to clean it often. As a bonus, it makes the equipment last longer and you have the possibility of getting your deposit back.

We recommend that you clean your gear on a regular basis – not only when you spill food or drinks in the bag. In case you spill any food or drinks while you’re delivering an order, it’s especially important that you clean your delivery bag thoroughly.

When cleaning your gear you need to use food-safe chemicals and always remember to keep chemicals away from food and drinks. Furthermore, always wash your hands well after you clean your gear.

You can prevent spills in the first place by packing orders carefully, and separating stacked orders from each other. If an order spills or is damaged in a way that you think may cause contamination, you should contact rider support. Due to hygiene reasons we do not deliver food with broken packing.

Managing spills and keeping your gear clean is really important to prevent the risk of cross contamination.

Cleaning instructions

Jackets are machine washable. Machine wash at 30 degrees and hang dry.

You can clean your delivery bag by wiping them down with a damp cloth, or using food-safe cleaning products.

Do you need rider equipment?

Please contact us on [email protected]


The deposit

Conditions for returning the deposit:

If you want your deposit back for your foodora equipment, you must remember the conditions below.


1. The Foodora equipment must be returned no later than 4 weeks after the date on which the Rider Partner Agreement is terminated. NOTE! If the deadline is not met, the possibility of refunding the deposit is withdrawn.

•  A good tip is to send the tracking number by email to [email protected] once you have received it from Bring. This may advance the repayment of the deposit.


2. The equipment must be intact before shipping

•  If the equipment is not intact, it may affect whether you get the deposit back.


3. We need both the jacket and the delivery bag back.

•  If you do not return both foodora parts back, the deposit cannot be paid out.

Return process:

Contact rider support for further information regarding the return of foodora equipment at [email protected].