Refer your friends

As a foodora rider, you receive a bonus for each friend you recommend to become a rider once they have met our rules and conditions.



If your friend completes 60 orders within 30 days from signing the contract, you will receive DKK 1500


How do you refer your friend?

1. Go to the menu in your foodora rider app and press the “Refer a Friend Rewards”



2. Press the link “share link” or copy it



3. Send the link in a message to the friend you would like to refer.


4. Your friend must click on the link and complete the application as a foodora rider.


5. Once your friend has completed the application and received the contract, your friend must meet our rules and conditions (described above) for you to receive your bonus.

It is important that your friend applies as a rider through your link from your foodora app, otherwise you cannot receive your bonus.


6. You can follow your friends process on the same page and also look back at finished “refer a friend”-rewards