Working as a freelancer


As a foodora rider, you will be working on a freelance contract, and your earnings will be registered as B-income. B-income is income where no tax and am-contribution has been deducted before you are paid the amount.

foodora reports your earnings for tax, so tax knows how much you have earned, but you have to make sure to pay your tax yourself.

There are several options on which you can pay tax on your B-income (if you don’t have a CVR number):

1. You can go into and write your expected B-income into your preliminary income assessment and then you will receive a giro card, with the tax that you have to pay

2. You can also go to and pay directly via credit card

3. You can wait until you are notified in the e-box that you must pay your remaining tax

We recommend that you correct your preliminary income assessment and pay your tax via a giro card, which you regularly receive on

To receive a payment card, enter your expected B-income in your preliminary income assessment under field 210, which you will find under “Income”.

Afterwards, your preliminary income assessment is calculated and you can see how much B-tax you have to pay in total. It may happen that you only get TAX deducted from your A-income. This depends on how high your A-income is compared to your B-income.

In the future, you can go to and click on “Your B-tax for 2021” – here you can pay your B-tax rates. Here you will be able to see your giro cards, where you can pay your B-tax.

You can read more about this on SKAT’s website HERE.

In case you have your own company please click HERE.

If you have further questions, we recommend that you contact They are very helpful in answering questions regarding B-income.


Transport deduction

As a foodora rider, you decide for yourself which vehicle of your own you want to deliver with.


Remember, that you can get a deduction through SKAT for the business related driving by deducting the expense from your company’s accounts. You must keep a logbook so you can document how much you have driven privately and professionally, respectively.


Read more about driving deductions when using your own car in a company here (You will also find a link to a template for the logbook in that link).

Note that the rate has dropped slightly in 2021, and remember that you can also get a deduction for using your own bike and scooter for business driving. Read about the new rates here.


You can write your expected expenses regarding business driving into field 425 in your preliminary income assessment. When the year is over, remember to report your earnings and expenses in your tax assessment notice.


If you have further questions regarding driving deductions (transport deductions), please contact SKAT. They are usually very helpful to answer any questions you might have.

NB! Remember to document your km’s/hours regularly, because it’s your own responsibility to report it. We can not guarantee to have this data stored.


Strictly forbidden

Here at foodora we of course respect our customer privacy, which is why some things are strictly forbidden.

• First of all it is strictly forbidden to contact any customer at any point after completing the delivery

• It is also forbidden to enter a customers’ apartment or house without permission

• It is forbidden to send text messages or call the customer after completing the delivery

• Furthermore it is strictly forbidden to store any numbers, names or addresses

• Make sure not to be rude or get in to an argument with customers or restaurant staff