Rider Partner Standards

Rider Partner Standards

Here you can read about the standards expected of our partners in relation to delivery at foodora.



• You are expected to complete the sessions that you have booked. If you are prevented, it is important that you make an absence request in the app

• You are expected to be available for the duration of the session

• Never show up for a session that you can’t ride



• After you have accepted an order, it is your responsibility to ensure that the order is delivered to the customer

• It is your job to ensure that you get the correct order from the restaurant. It is recommended to double check with the order number that is in the app

• It is your responsibility to deliver the order safely so that food waste is avoided (Watch a video here on how the delivery bag is assembled and transportated).


Traffic rules: 

• Obey the traffic rules and keep an eye on your surroundings

• You are expected to maintain your vehicle yourself and that it always complies with applicable regulations



• Always have your registration with you either in print or on the phone

• Always check that your bag is clean/kept clean in case the Danish Food Authority comes by

• It is expected that you use a thermal bag approved for the delivery of food when you deliver orders for foodora


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