Guide to interaction with Vendors


At foodora, we are constantly working to improve relations with and between all our partners. That is why we share a guide here on how you, as a rider, should approach our Vendors (restaurants).


This is how you should act at Vendors:

To ensure that the entire system runs as smoothly as possible, it is important that you report your status and feedback correctly:


● If the Vendor (restaurant) has pressed “food is ready” on the terminal, the order is ready to be picked up immediately, so be aware of this and ride directly to the restaurant if you are not already there

  • • Remember to keep an eye on the estimated time in the app for when you have to be at the restaurant and pick up orders


● Has the rider arrived at the Vendor’s location, but the order is not ready for pick up yet

  • • Have a dialogue with the vendor about when the order is ready – if the waiting time is too long, you can request a redispatch via the app


● If you have feedback regarding a particular Vendor, the rider must use the feedback function via the app 


It is important that if any conflicts arise, that it is passed on either via the feedback function or via an e-mail to [email protected] and not directly to the Vendor

  • • This way we avoid conflicts on the restaurant’s premises
  •  •If a conflict has arisen at the restaurant’s location, Rider Support is contacted 
  • • If you are sending an email in regards to a conflict, please include: Order number & Date of the incident


Our Vendors have received the same guide for interaction with riders.


If you have any questions about the guide, feel free to contact rider support.


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