Safety on the road

Your vehicle and insurance:

As a foodora rider, it is important that you inform about the vehicle you use when you are out making deliveries. You can easily have several types of vehicles connected to your rider profile, you just have to write to [email protected]. In addition, remember that you need choose the correct vehicle you use when you start your session on the app. By doing so, there is a good opportunity to maximise one’s earnings.

You are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle complies with the statutory rules for driving in traffic, and that you have legal insurance attached to your vehicle.

Your behaviour and surroundings:

When you venture out into traffic, it is important to use hands-free equipment for your phone. This allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings. Ride according to the weather and traffic. Although we expect you to do your best on a sessions, your safety comes first. Remember that you are not the only one out in traffic and be aware of your surroundings. In general, use your common sense.

We encourage you to have an insurance for yourself, as you ride in traffic on a daily basis.


Danish Traffic Rules:

If you’re not completely sure of what the rules in traffic are, then please take a look at the links below.

Traffic rules in Denmark