Live Support

When should you make use of Live Support?

When you are on a session as a foodora rider, it is the Live Support team who are available if you need help.


What kind of problems can occur on a session?

Below we list some of the most common problems that riders can encounter when they are on sessions.

▪️The customer/restaurant does not respond
▪️There is a problem with your vehicle
▪️The order has been cancelled
▪️Accident or health-related problem
▪️The order has been picked up by another rider
▪️The location of the customer/restaurant is incorrect


How do you get help on call?

1. If a problem occurs on a slot, click on the icon in the top right corner of the roadrunner app, which looks like a pair of headphones.

2. You will then be taken into a flow consisting of 6 subject fields. You click on the field that best matches your problem.

3. You are then taken further in the flow, where you are presented with additional topics that help to specify your particular problem.

4. Depending on the categories you have chosen, you will receive the best possible help for your problem, so that you can quickly move on with your session.

Please remember:

▪️Always provide as much information as possible
▪️Keep your messages to the point and refrain from sending multiple messages at once