About foodora Denmark


foodora is the Nordic most popular delivery service. foodora is already present in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and now Danes can also order food and other products and have them delivered directly to the door within 30 minutes, as well as in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia & Austria. Our mission is to bring delicious food from your favorite local restaurants right to your door in minutes. Whether it’s a family size pizza, the finest sushi in town or others, our Riders will pick it up and deliver it straight to you- It’s as easy as that!

We are on an exciting journey, with the ambition to become an absolute market leader in food delivery. We have started from scratch and with our own power made our mark on the market. Now a new adventure awaits us.

Since October 2021, we have become part of the Delivery HeroGroup.

And together we will conquer Denmark! 

Founded: 2013



We believe that innovation is forced by different minds coming together!

We think that the success that we’re aiming for only can be achieved through combining different ways of thinking, experiences (both work and life), working styles and backgrounds. By respecting and taking advantage of our differences, the potential is endless! 

In order to become that second family, we need to care about and support each other just as families do. As fellow foodorians, we shall always lift each other up, in times of success as well as times of setback. And most importantly, we never forget to have fun!