Riders in car

We have collected everything you need to know if you use your car as a foodora rider.

What do I need to remember, when using my car as a rider?

On this page, we have collected varies information that are important to remember if you use your car as a rider. We present a number of tips and tricks, how to do driving deductions and tracking driving records, and much more. We will continuously add more information, so please keep an eye on this page.

Also remember to take a look at our rider safety here.

Driving deduction:

As a foodora rider, you can choose for yourself whether you want to deliver take-away by your own car, scooter or bicycle, and the salary is currently the same for everyone, regardless of which vehicle you choose. As a rider, you work as a freelancer, and it is therefore your own responsibility to cover the driving expenses.

However, remember that you can get a deduction for business driving by deducting the expense from your company’s accounts. You must keep a driving record so that you can document how much you have driven, both privately and professionally.

Read more about driving deductions when using your own car for business here.

You can enter your expected expenses in connection with business driving in field 425 in your advance statement. When the year is over, remember to report your earnings and expenses in your annual statement.

If you have further questions regarding driving deductions (transportation deductions), please contact SKAT. They are very helpful in answering your questions.

We cannot document how many shifts you have run in our system, as we do not store this information for more than 3 months. It is therefore your own responsibility to write down your sessions each time.

Driving records:

In order to keep track of the number of km you have driven when you have to report it to tax, it is a good idea to write in a driving record. Thereby you have documentation of your kilometers driven.

The documentation must contain the following: 

• Purpose of driving

• The goal of the run with any sub-goals

• Date of each drive

• Number of km driven

• Calculation by rates

• That the driving has taken place in the person’s own vehicle

ATTENTION! There is no requirement that you use a specific form, but it can be advantageous to use the same system from time to time.

Here’s an example on how the driving record could look (only available in Danish)

Here’s a form you can download and use (Look under “Skemaer til kørselsafregning” – Only available in Danish).

Benefits of using your own car as a rider

Despite the fact that you have to cover the driving costs of your car yourself, there are a number of advantages to using a car compared to a bicycle or scooter.

• You can achieve more orders per hour = More salary

• You get longer distances than bicycles = More in driving deductions, as well as salary from pick up to delivery address (If you drive on the order model)

• You are less exposed in traffic to various accidents that can happen

• You can drive all year round without any problems

• You can ride longer sessions without getting tired compared to cycling

Tips & Tricks to cars

• Use a hand-held stand for your mobile so that you can easily navigate without disturbance

• Feel free to bring your charger with you, so you are sure that your mobile can last for the longer sessions

• Space for a drink and packed lunch when you need a break on your session

Extra information

At foodora, we continuously work to create a good delivery process for our riders. Especially for riders in cars, we have excluded areas and restaurants for picking up orders, as there are no parking options in the area, as well as too much city driving. This is a completely new initiative for us, and we will continue to inform more about this, so keep an eye here.

So far, we have started this process in our larger cities, Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Do you have a good tip?

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