Chat with the customer 💬

We’ve made a new chat function on app between you and the customer – See image.
Once you’ve picked up the order, you’ll be able to access the chat function on the foodora rider app. Furthermore, the customer are also able to contact you on the chat.
You’ll be able to get help faster by contacting the customer directly this way, than waiting on a response from dispatcher.

The customer does not respond

Have you arrived at the customers adress, but the customer does not open the door/you cannot find the address. Then you need to do this:

1. Call the customer via the app (call 2-3 times)

2. Chat with the customer via the app

3. Contact Live Support if there is no contact with the customer

Under no circumstances may you deliver an order without direct contact with the customer, unless the customer has noted this in the order description. You may also not throw the order away or take it with you. You should always contact Live Support, they will help you step by step.

Read more about Live Support here.