February Update 💗

Newest updates January 31, 2024

One month left of winter – We look forward to spring! Fortunately, the temperature has already getting better and it has become easier to ride in the cities as a rider, when you don’t have to take snow and ice into account.


foodora is growing in the big city, and we have therefore expanded the zone to Copenhagen North from 30 January. This means that you riders who ride in Copenhagen now have the opportunity to mix your session. You can e.g. ride to lunch in the North and ride to the evening in the center, whatever you like.

We’ve also created several startzones in the new delivery area so you can easily get started. Below you can see an estimate of the new delivery zone.


As we grow in the cities, we need your help, and of course we give a bonus! Recommend your friends with your refer a friend link in the app and earn up to DKK 1500 per friend*

You can see here how to refer friends.

*Rules and conditions apply


Our free delivery campaign in all cities is still live! This means that we expect a lot of orders here on the first weekend of February, which is the pay weekend.

Book your sessions in the app and get ready for a busy ride!


If you have been in an accident while on session as a foodora rider, please answer this survey. One of our biggest focus points is to take the best possible care of you.

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