January updates 🌟

Newest updates December 18, 2023

Happy new year everyone! We hope that you have entered 2024 well and are ready to give everything you have. We have a lot of updates to share with you below, so take a read.

The Dynamic Compensation Model 🛍ī¸đŸ’¸

On 7. December we went live with the Dynamic Compensation Model, which means that we can constantly adjust and optimize how each individual order is compensated, so that we achieve the best possible balance between the required effort from the rider and the value of the order. Remember that you can read more about the model in our FAQ here on the rider hub.

Refer your friends đŸ‘Ŧ

It only goes one way now – and that’s up! Therefore, we need extra help to deliver our rapidly increasing number of orders.

When your friends apply as riders with your referral link from the app, you will receive DKK 500 per friend* – This means that if you recommend 5 friends, you will receive DKK 2500 in bonus, which you will get with your next earnings.

This is how you do it. 

*Rules and conditions apply

1. January 🎉đŸĒŠ

Today is when we start the year’s biggest earnings day for riders! Hurry into the app and see if you can manage to book a session for today.

Free delivery campaign! 🚀

From today until March (Changes may occur continuously*), we go live with our free delivery campaign. This means that both new and existing customers can order take away and get free delivery up to 2 km. The campaign applies in all our 7 cities where we have riders.

We ran the same campaign in autumn 2023 in Copenhagen, which was a huge success both for customers and rider earnings. Make sure you book your sessions well in advance on Wednesdays and come out and ride with us.

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