May updates 🌸

Newest updates May 1, 2024

Are you ready to throw away the winter jackets and enjoy the ride a little bit more?

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. The sun is finally breaking through the clouds but it’s not too warm yet. We hope you are as excited about the spring weather as we are!

What happened last month? 🤔

We have launched a new campaign! MUMS!

On the 15th of April, we launched our new campaign “MUMS” in all of our cities. The campaign offers great deals for all our customers from our most popular restaurants. 🤤

 So gear up and be ready to take your next sessions!

In April we also welcomed new members to the off-line support team, who is available if you need help when you’re not on a session as a foodora rider. ðŸ™‹ðŸ¼â€â™‚️

Below we list some of the problems and questions that rider support can help you with.

  • Questions regarding sessions
  • Salary issues
  • Contract issues
  • Equipment problems
  • Not receiving enough orders
  • Moving to a new city to work as a foodora rider

Pink Copenhagen 💗

In May we are painting Copenhagen pink! You will see pink doors on the metro station, pink labels on the buses, and pink stickers all around the city.

Paint the city pink with us, and put on your foodora equipment. If you don’t have the pink equipment you or your old ones are a bit rough after all the long rides you have been on, then can always write an email to [email protected] and we will send something your way. 📦

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