September updates 🍃

Newest updates August 29, 2023

Welcome back from the summer holidays to you all! Summer may be over, but we’ve only just begun! We have a lot of exciting things on the agenda for this month, so take a look.


On August 14, all 8 foodora countries went live with a new campaign called “Back to town” or “Back to reality”. Here we have worked intensively to obtain good deals and discounts for all the city’s customers who have returned from holiday and are ready to get back to everyday life. This campaign will continue into September, so there is plenty of opportunity to book some sessions and deliver some orders. We have added extra session during this time, so would you like to join us? Is this your chance!


Have you experienced problems with your GPS signal on the app when you have been out delivering orders? To avoid this problem, do not use your phone’s battery saver feature as it causes signal problems and consumes too much power. Therefore, remember to always have a power bank with you (or the power cable in the car) when you go out on session to avoid this problem.

If you experience problems with your app, please use the feedback function in the app to contact us. By doing this, we receive all the information we need to know in relation to your app (e.g. what version the app is, etc.).



We wave goodbye to summer and hello to the colors of autumn. This also means that you as must pay extra attention to your chosen vehicle and ensure that it is ready for sessions in good time. We have collected all the advantages of using the car over the autumn and winter, so take a look here, if you have a car available.

– And remember! As a rider, you can have several different vehicles added to your profile. You just have to call or write to rider support and they will set it up for you.


New zone expansions for own delivery with riders are planned for this month. In Aarhus we go live with the new expansion on 4 September and in Aalborg on 18 September.

What does that mean to you?

Even more orders! Woop woop!



You will find the 10% discount code for all riders via the foodora rider app under the section “Rider Support” and “Browse articles”.

Remember that the discount code must not be shared with friends or family, but only for your own use. The code will change from now on every month, so please be aware of this.


If you have had an accident while on session as a foodora rider, please answer this survey. One of our biggest focus points is to take the best possible care of you.

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