Delivery cycle


A map pops up with your starting position in the app before your session begins.

Move towards the location in good time so that you don’t start your session late (this can negatively affect your batch if you are late).

As soon as you are at the right location, you start your session and start taking orders.


Let’s go through the delivery cycle step by step:

Sounds easy? That might be the case, but it is not always an easy job. Our expectations are high and the circumstances can be tough. It is a physical job, you work outside and the weather in Denmark is not always sunny as you know. Besides that, many orders can be assigned to you during your session, which is, on the one hand a great opportunity to make a lot of money, but you might feel it as stressful as well, so bear that in mind.

a. Let’s break the delivery cycle down to smaller pieces

It all starts with the customer placing an order at our foodora platform.

In case you work and you are the most suited rider the order will be assigned or dispatched to you. If you receive the order, accept this as quickly as possible through our rider app called Foodora Rider App and drive to the restaurant.

The navigation system on your phone will guide you to the restaurant. Before entering the restaurant please remember to bring your bag with you.

When you enter the restaurant you introduce yourself and the order number, which you can see on the Rider app. Once you have double checked and picked up the delivery, you drive to the customer and deliver the food. When you have handed in the food to the customer, you are ready for your next delivery. Well done, the only thing that’s left now is to repeat.

Note this! Be aware that it is possible that you are asked to pick up two or more orders at the same time, before delivering them to customers. Keep in mind to simply execute the next step showing in your Rider app and then everything will be in perfect order!

b. Performance

If you are trying to improve your performance, then please take a look at this file that will highlight the main pin points to consider as a rider. Furthermore, if you’re interested in learning more about our batches, then you can read more about it here.