Delivery process 🍔

1. It starts with the customer placing an order on foodora’s platform

2. Depending on whether you are the one rider that is best located in relation to the order and its size, it will be given to you.

3. When you receive the order on your app, you must accept it as quickly as possible and move towards the restaurant.

4. The navigation on the app’s map guides you to the right restaurant.

5. When you are inside the restaurant, you introduce yourself and the order number that you need to pick up.

6. When you have double-checked that it is the right order you have been handed, you ride towards the customer.

7. The navigation on the app’s map guides you to the customer’s address.

8. Then you have completed your first order and are ready for the next one to be assigned to you (Remember that you must stay within your delivery zone, this can be seen on your map).

Sounds easy? That might be the case, but it is not always an easy job. Our expectations are high and the circumstances can be tough. It is a physical job, you work outside and the weather in Denmark is not always sunny as you know. Besides that, many orders can be assigned to you during your session, which is, on the one hand a great opportunity to make a lot of money, but you might feel it as stressful as well, so bear that in mind.

If the customer does not open the door

If you can’t reach the customer, then please read here on what to do. 


Here below you can see images of a delivery process on the app: