How to improve your performance

Here you will find various focus points that will help you improve your performance as a foodora rider, as well as your earnings.

If you work on the ‘Order model’ or are considering changing your current contract to the order-based one. Then this document will especially help you understand how you can improve your performance, which will make it easier for you to achieve the highest possible earnings on each shift.

Also, by improving your performance, you are more likely to get a better batch, which will give you first choice on slots when they are released each week.

Main focus points:

●  Accept as many orders as possible as you are given on slots

●  Be steady and always show up for your slots

●  Be ready at least 5 minutes before your slot starts in the zone


How do you avoid no-shows?

● Show up for your booked shifts

● If you are prevented from driving a shift, remember to make absences (Link to how to make an absences)

● If you can’t manage to make an absence – try to set your shift to swap

● Avoid going online in the app and contact online support that you can’t show up for your shift, this will affect that performance even more than just a no show

● Are you in the least bit in doubt. whether or not you have the opportunity to show up, make an absence so that we have the opportunity to find your replacement without it affecting your performance


How do you get a better acceptance rate?

● Accept as many possible shifts as you can afford

● If you receive an order that, either due to the distance to the customer or limited options due to the vehicle, you do not think you have the opportunity to complete, then accept first and then contact online support for assistance


How do you avoid late login?

● Always be ready in the starting zone at least 20 min before your shift

● You always have the opportunity to go online 30 minutes before your shift starts

● If you are unsure where the start zone is in your city, look under the map 30 minutes before your shift

● If you have problems getting online, it may be because we cannot get a GPS signal for your phone, so check that you do not have other app functions open on your phone that use your location.


How do I achieve the best possible UTR in my city?

● Accept as many orders as possible

● If you find that your local restaurant is late, try contacting online support, they can in some cases help you with a new order.

● Drive/cycle directly from restaurant to customer to be as efficient as possible on your shift

● If you need a break in certain cases, request it in the app or contact online support


How do I go the best plan to actual hours?

● Take only necessary breaks during your shift

● If you experience a pause due to a lack of acceptance of an order, contact online support as soon as possible so that you can get online again immediately

● Only end your shift early if you find that there is no order in your town

● Always be ready on time when your shift starts


The advantage of a good performance:

● Faster access to select shifts

● The better the performance, the more money you will earn