Rider batches

In this document we will explain what batches are, how you can achieve a better batch and what benefits come with the best batches.

What is a batch?

Batches is a ranking system created to describe how well a rider is performing.

How to achieve a better batch

If you want to get into a better batch, you can read more about the various factors you should consider in relation to your performance here: How to improve your Performance. By improving your performance, you are more likely to get a better batch.

Depending on which city you ride in, it may be easier or harder to get into a better batch. If it e.g. it’s a larger city with many riders, it may be more difficult, or a smaller city with fewer riders, it may be easier.

Benefits of the best batch

Batch 1 is the best batch a rider can get. This also means that riders in batch 1 will have first access to the slot schedule when it is published. After this, each batch takes turns to access the slot schedule and book.

When are batches updated?

The batches are updated every 7 days, based on the performance of the previous 14 days, meaning that the batch you receive is based on how you performed at that given time.